This is a mutual agreement between You, as a client, and Cornel Carausu in his professional role as a coach, psychologist, psychotherapist or supervisor. Your relationship with Cornel is exclusively of a professional-client nature and is designed to facilitate personal and professional growth. During and between sessions You are fully responsible for your physical, mental and relational wellbeing.

1. Cornel adheres to the code of ethics of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and the International Coach Federation.
2. Confidentiality is an important aspect of your collaboration with Cornel. Personal identifiable information will be held as confidential unless You state otherwise, except as required by law. As a client, You should also be aware that a risk of harm to yourself or others is one of the issues that can have an impact on confidentiality. Feel free to ask Cornel for more details. Certain topics mentioned during sessions may be anonymously and hypothetically shared in professional settings.
3. Cornel can take brief notes about sessions, which are securely stored according to data protection regulation. They contain information previously discussed with You. If You don't agree otherwise, for safety reasons, Cornel can destroy or delete his notes once the agreement is being terminated. Occasionally, Cornel might want to record your sessions, but this would only occur with your prior knowledge and permission.
4. Cornel can send You electronic appointment reminders to your email address. It is your responsibility to make sure that your communication channel of choice (e.g., Skype, WhatsApp) is not accessible to other people.
5. Working with Cornel can trigger unconscious processes such as projections (attributing onto him attitudes that are actually yours) and transferences (redirecting feelings about a parent, work colleague, sibling onto him). The entire range of emotions or feelings that You might experience during your collaboration with Cornel must be expressed in a socially tolerable manner.
6. ONE-TO-ONE setting (in person or online):
- The duration of a session is 60 minutes.
- The frequency of the sessions is decided by You.
- The decision to work with Cornel using a relational or a goal-oriented approach in entirely up to You. A relational approach means that You may want to address your attitude towards relationships and use the space of the meeting to explore what contributes to how you are in relationships. A goal-oriented approach means that You will focus on pre-defined and measurable objectives.
- Unless requested or recommended otherwise, Cornel works with open contracts: You may stay in therapy, coaching or supervision as long as You want, and You are also free to come back when needed.
- You can discontinue the service at any time.
GROUP setting (in person or online):
- The duration of a session is 90 minutes.
- The frequency of the sessions is usually twice a month and a cycle has a predefined number of sessions (around 7).
- The first 2 sessions are governed by an open contract (you can leave at the end of session 1 or 2 with the only obligation to respect the confidentiality of the group) but the last 5 will be paid in advance.
- Attendees should not be friends, members of the same family, in a romantic relationship, or work colleagues.
- The first session is usually about getting to know each other.
- At least the first couple sessions are mainly led by Cornel.
7. Coaching, psychotherapy and supervision are not to be used as a substitute for professional advice from legal, medical, financial or other qualified professionals. Coaching and psychotherapy are comprehensive interventions that may involve all areas of your life, including work, finances, health, relationships, education and recreation. Deciding how to handle the issues and implement choices is exclusively your responsibility.
8. You must seek appropriate medical/psychiatric support in case You experience symptoms of withdrawal, psychotoxicity, psychological or physical dependence.
9. On a regular basis, You may be invited to complete mandatory outcome measures related to your sessions. Not filling them out can lead to an immediate termination of your contract.
10. Cornel is present on social media, supporting causes or engaging in free-thinking debates. Following him might cause offence where none is intended. Feel free to unfriend, unfollow, hide or block him at any moment.
11. If a cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance, You have to pay for the session. All clients pay no later than 7 days after their appointment.
12. As a practitioner, Cornel was trained in different forms or psychological support but he doesn't provide crisis intervention services or intensive psychological therapy for people with enduring or complex mental health problems.
13. For emergencies You must contact your General Practitioner or call one of your local crisis numbers, such as 112 (UK & European Union) or 911 (USA).
14. This agreement terminates 60 days after your last appointment when no further appointments are being booked, or no other termination agreements have been discussed.